MLS new sports audience factor in United States

Major League Soccer is already a fundamental part of society in the United States, as after 24 years since the league emerged in the USA football fever exploded.

Pau Gasol arrives at the Bucks to “fight for the ring.”

The Spanish center Pau Gasol, two-time NBA champion, begins a new adventure in the American basketball league with the Milwaukee Bucks, a franchise that will allow him to “fight for the ring.

Mourinho lets himself be loved: “To work in Madrid in a unique experience”.

The Portuguese coach José Mourinho let himself be loved by Real Madrid, when he assured that he would have no problem coming back if they called him because working for the white club is “a unique experience” of which he keeps “a fantastic memory”.

The keys to the elimination of Real Madrid

Real Madrid was overcome in the round of 16 of the Champions League and eliminated by Ajax, in the hardest defeat in its history in the competition (1-4), which reflected the defects of a project with poor planning, without defense or identity and with Ramos in the box filming a documentary.

IOC: Political Backing Coming for Stockholm 2026 Olympic Bid

Stockholm’s bid for the 2026 winter Olympics has political backing, the International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday ahead of an evaluation visit prior to the June vote.